Friday, October 13, 2006

Explain the directory structure of a WEB application?
The directory structure of a Web application
consists of two parts:

1. Public resource directory (document root): The document root is where JSP pages, client-side classes and archives, and static Web resources are stored.

2. A private directory called WEB-INF: which contains following files and directories:

- web.xml : Web application deployment descriptor.
-*.tld : Tag library descriptor files.
-classes : A directory that contains server side classes like servlets, utility classes, JavaBeans etc.
-lib : A directory where JAR (archive files of tag libraries, utility libraries used by the server side classes) files are stored.

JSP resources usually reside directly or under subdirectories of the document root, which are directly accessible to the user through the URL. If you want to protect your Web resources then hiding the JSP files behind the WEB-INF directory can protect the JSP files from direct access.


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